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KJV verse of the day: (July 23,  2014)

There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless, the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand.

                                         Proverbs 19:21                                                                            Psalm 46:1


An independent, fundamental, KJV, Baptist,

hymn singing, soulwinning church

Redeemed Baptist Church was founded in 1994 by Pastor French Jenkins.

 156 Fallen Timbers Rd.

Lake Lynn, PA 15451


July 2014

Calendar for:

July birthdays:

10th  Dave Colebank Jr. 10th  Charles Buttermore

28th  Art Strimel

29th  Luke Jenkins          


 10th   Heritage Point               6 p.m.

 13th   Point Manor                  7 p.m.

 27th   Heritage Point               6 p.m.

31st    Women’s Meeting         6 p.m.

Save the dates:

Sunday School-10:00 am

Sunday Worship-11:00 am

Bible Readings…07/21-07/28/2014

July 21:  

Morning:  Psalms 34,35  

Evening:  Acts 22

July 22:       

Morning:  Psalms 36,37

Evening:  Acts 23:1-11

July 23:       

Morning:  Psalms 38,39,40

Evening:  Acts 23:12-351

July 24:  

Morning:  Psalms 41,42,43

Evening:  Acts 24

July 25:

Morning:  Psalm 44,45,46

Evening:  Acts 25

July 26:

Morning:  Psalms 47,48,49

Evening:  Acts 26

July 27:

Morning:  Psalms 50,51,52

Evening:  Acts 27:1-250


July anniversaries:

1st French & Sandy Jenkins

8th  Herb & Nancy Linn


July 27, 1953

This week in history…

Sunday Sermon:

Seeing, hearing,

and understanding

Acts 28:25-28

June 1, 2014

Pastor Jenkins with Kevin Kendall, missionary to Papua New Guinea–June 8, 2014 at RBC

The Korean War armistice was signed at Panmunjom, ending three years of fighting.